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ment investment. W

坖ects to improve the wellbeing of rural residents, and social programs; 16% in independent innovation, restructuring, energy conservat▓ion, emissions reduct

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Introducing Pink Round

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ions, and ecological improvement; 23% in major infrastruc▓ture projects; and 14% in post-We

nchuan earthquake▓ recovery and reconstruction. Fixed asset investment increased 30.1% nationwide. We further improved the investment struct▓ure. Rapid investment growth effectively compensated for the shortfall created by shrinking external demand, strengthened weak links, and laid a solid foundation for long-term economic and social

d a plan to

▓invest an

development. We accelerated the post-Wenchuan earthquake recovery and reconstruction work. We have already invested 654.5 billio▓n

yuan, 65.5% of the total planned investment, in the worst hit areas. Thanks ▓to the government's strong support, the selfless assista

  • additional 4 trillion yuan ove
  • r two years. In 2009, the centra
  • l government's public investme
  • nt was 924.3 billion yuan, 5
03.8 billion

yuan mo

OCT 20, 2048
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re than in the previous year's
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OCT 12, 2048
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budget. Of this, 44% was inve
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sted in low-
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